There is no question that Grand Junction drivers are enjoying the low gas prices, even if the energy industry isn't. Is it feasible that we could see $1 a gallon gas? According to 24/7 Wall, it's quite possible that some areas of the country will.

Some gas stations in the country are selling gasoline for as little as $1.42 per gallon, and these are the areas that could possibly see the $1 gas.

With Grand Junction gas prices about 30 cents above that, it's not likely that we would see prices dip down to $1 in the Grand Valley.

Oil prices have dipped below $33 a barrel, and continue to decline. Oversupply of crude oil and lessening demand are driving the price down, and where the slide ends is anybody's guess.

The report indicates the last time there was $1 gas in the United States was 1999. The national average of gas prices is $1.96, the lowest national average since 2009.

According to Fuel Gage Report, the average price of regular gas in Colorado is $1.84. A number of states are still average over $2 a gallon including Utah, Nevada, and California, with the lowest average of $1.65 being reported in Missouri, and $1.69 in Oklahoma.

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