There is no telling how long it will last, but Grand Junction motorists are enjoying a nice dip in gas prices.

So far, the cheapest gas I've seen in Grand Junction has been $3.15. That seems like a great price for a gallon of gas.

It's funny how we can remember when the price of gas topped $3.00 for the first time and we thought it was so completely outrageous to be paying $3 for a gallon of gas.

Well, the fact is, $3 gas is outrageous, but considering where we have been, and what the price could be ($10 in Norway, $9 in Turkey and Israel) three dollar gas sounds pretty sweet.

According to the Denver Post, the cheapest gas in Denver right now is $2.99, and there are some other big cities with gas below $3 like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Tulsa.

I don't know how long the price of gas will stay this low, or if it will dip below $3.00 in the Grand Valley, but I plan to keep my gas tank full. If you see lower priced gas, let us know and we'll pass along the info.

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