Gas Prices

On the Rise
If current projections are correct, Coloradoans can expect to pay more for gasoline and heat in 2017.
Is Grand Junction Headed Toward $1 A Gallon Gas?
There is no question that Grand Junction drivers are enjoying the low gas prices, even if the energy industry isn't. Is it feasible that we could see $1 a gallon gas? According to 24/7 Wall, it's quite possible that some areas of the country will.
Gas Prices Continue To Rise
If you feel like gasoline prices across western Colorado are rising on almost a daily basis, you're not alone. After seeing prices dip below $3.00 a gallon in January, it's surprised a lot of people to see prices headed back up as quickly as they have.
Where To Find Lowest Gas Prices in Grand Junction
I know it’s not Christmas yet, but it seems as if maybe Santa paid an early visit to the Grand Valley delivering some surprisingly low gas prices just in time for holiday travel. I noticed a little less ouch in my wallet this week when I filled my truck up. Maybe with the money I sav…