Happy Father's Day to every father out there.

I lost my dad to a heart attack eight days after losing my mom to a liver issue. Since I was a kid I haven't had a dad to say that too. But I wonder how he would like me as I am now.

Well, he would like that I am a DJ at a country station. He loved country music, and back when I was a kid, it was all that was on in the house.

He would like that I have been a good father to my four boys and my daughter and he would love his great grand-kids.

He would hate that I got divorced and especially have been through as many hard times as I have, but I believe he would be proud of how I came out of it.

I know he would be overjoyed that I live in Colorado because before he passed, we talked about moving here. My dad was from Kansas and on talked about how it was when he grew up.

My dad was born in 1905. Life and times were much different, and what I went through pales to what he did. The Depression, World War 2, and more.

It's why I have the utmost respect for my dad and all the men and women who lived through those times, raised excellent families and helped us become the people we are.

Thanks, Dad. I hope I'm doing OK.

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