Officials are warning residents in the small town of Hugo, Colo., not to use the town's water after traces of THC were found in one of their wells.

Traces of THC, the active chemical in marijuana that gets users high, was detected in one of Hugo's five wells. One well showed evidence of "tampering."

Hugo is a small town east of Colorado Springs with a population of about 730 doesn't allow sales, growing or cultivation of marijuana.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's office released a statement on Facebook warning residents not to drink, cook or bath with the town's water. Residents can still use the bathrooms, and bottled water is on its way.

After a complaint to officials, a field test was used to detect the THC, but it is possible there could be a false reading. Further tests will be conducted. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted with the probe.

Hugo residents who think they may be sick from Hugo's water are asked to contact the Rocky Mountain Poison Control.


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