Are you planning to cut your own Christmas tree this year? If so, you'll need a permit. Here's how you get one.

There's nothing quite like your own fresh cut Christmas tree. You can even save a few bucks in the long run. What kind of tree can you get, when can you cut it, and how much will it cost?

Forest Service tree permits are $8 each. You can cut one tree with each permit, with a limit of five permits per household. Keep in mind, you can only cut a tree for personal use. Permits don't allow for you to cut and sell trees.

Cutting season is underway. You can cut your tree between now and December 30. All permits expire at midnight on December 31.

So, what kind of tree can you get? Permits are valid for Subalpine fir, Engelmann spruce, Lodgepole pine, Pinyon pine, and Juniper.

What are the rules? The maximum height of a tree cannot exceed 20 feet. Topping of trees is not allowed. Please make sure your permit is clearly visible on your tree(s) when you drive it back to your house. Furthermore, cutting is limited to federal lands for which the permit was issued. Cutting is not allowed within campgrounds, picnic areas, scenic pullouts, or within wilderness areas.

With all that having been said, where can you get the permit? You can obtain your permit now at one of the following:

  • Grand Valley Ranger District at 2777 Crossroads Blvd. Suit #1 (Forest Service tree permits) (970) 242-8211
  • Valley Ranch - 54454 US 330, Collbran; (970) 487-3000 (FS tree permits)
  • Grand Junction BLM Field Office (BLM Permits) (970) 257-4800
  • Glade Park Store at 16498 DS Road on Glade Park (BLM Permits) (970) 242-5421
  • Murdoch's at 3217 I-70 Business Loop in Clifton (Forest Service Tree Permits) (970) 523-7515

Make Christmas even more special by treating your family to your own fresh cut tree. Keep it legit, and get the proper permits. Please don't trespass on private land. Get your permit today, and for the low, low price of $8, enjoy the best tree ever.

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