Yeah, 2020 has been a pain, dealing with a pandemic that none of us saw coming has really thrown a wrench into our plans for the year. But this is like so many things in life we don't have control over the situation, only how we react to it. And many people are choosing to be happy this includes some amazing people working at IKEA.

While the furniture at IKEA can be difficult to build at times, they have some really cool items and most are at very reasonable prices. But this isn't about their furniture or how difficult it is to put together. We have to give a big thank you to some IKEA workers who just released instructions on how to build the best blanket forts for your home quarantine and the team at for sharing the details.

It really doesn't matter whether we in quarantine or not, building forts at home is just plain fun. It doesn't matter if you're 4 years old or 90 years old taking blankets and books and other household items to build your own fort is so much fun.

The 6 forts ideas are:

  • House
  • Castle
  • Fortress
  • Wigwam
  • Cave
  • Camping Tent

As if that isn't enough they also released the special IKEA recipe for their Swedish Meatballs.

If I were to put a fort together out of these options I would probably go after the Castle, it looks like a lot of fun and not super difficult to assemble. Please, if you decide to build one of these forts please send us a picture of it.

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