Chances are, it's been a while since you have been on a school bus, so allow me to show how you can break five school bus rules without even trying.

Recently, the entire radio station staff had the opportunity to take a short road trip on a school bus. Let me say, we have a great staff, wonderful people, excellent co-workers, but the fact is, we have a bunch of bus rule breakers.

Typically, I am an A-1 law-abiding citizen, but I believe the influence of my co-workers led me down a pathway to school bus rule breaking. Not only was I led unwittingly down this dreadful path, my transgressions were captured in living color photos for all the world to see, but, I'm telling you, I was not the only rule breaker.

Of course, the sign getting on the bus seemed to indicate it was a 'fun bus', but, apparently, that is not the case. Fun is not allowed. Seems that safety is a bigger concern than having fun.

It is possible, I will live out the rest of my days in shame and regret for a few moments of reckless pleasure on a bus. Perhaps my experience can help someone else avoid the same fate as me. Maybe all the kids riding the school bus this fall can learn from my mistakes and avoid the lifelong tag of "school bus rule breaker."

Maybe one day, they'll let me back on the bus. Until then, I share with you how a person can break five school bus rules without even trying.

  • Sign of Rules

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    The school bus rules were clearly posted at the front of the bus for all to see. However, from my vantage point near the back of the bus, I was unable to clearly see the sign and consequently became a victim of ignorance of the law. If I didn't know the rules existed, how could I possibly be held responsible for violations?

  • Stay in Your Seat at All Times

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    This sounds good in theory, but in reality is nearly impossible. There are plenty of good reasons to be out of your seat on a school bus, including a trip to the front of the bus to read the list of school bus rules.

  • No Photos With Cell Phones

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    I definitely deserve a free pass on this one because when I was a kid there was no such thing as a "selfie" and we certainly did not have cell phones. It would be quite impossible for me to even consider the fact that taking a selfie might be in violation of the school bus rules. My how times have changed!

  • Keep the Aisles Clear

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    First of all, this rule is a bit ridiculous because nearly as I can tell, there is only one aisle. Maybe I missed one. But, clearly, the only way to get the goodies out of the cooler is to put it in the aisle - at least momentarily. But, as you can see from the sign, this is a clear violation of school bus rules.

  • No Throwing

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    There really is no excuse for this type of behavior. Throwing objects at other people can not be tolerated, yet, here I am, most likely in retaliation for someone's else's childish act of throwing objects. Certainly, I would never initiate this sort of behavior. Our society needs less throwing.

  • Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself

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    In my defense, these buses were not made for big people. At some point, you just have to stretch out to keep your circulation going. It's a health issue. If it would rectify the situation, I would apologize to those who had to deal with my feet. But, still, clearly, a black and white bus rules violation and again, I say, I was not the only one.