If you're driving around any school zones, don't speed! The Grand Junction area police are playing hall monitors to school zones. So, stop running!

School is back in and those flashing signs -- they mean to slow down. The Grand Junction Police Department is enforcing school zone speed limits, and you don't want to be caught speeding. Speeding only 5-9 miles over the speed limit in a school zone will cost you $185.50 and a point off your license.

I have noticed more officers out near school zones since school started. I noticed a motorcycle cop on Orchard Avenue with a radar and another officer just a block away.

I spoke with Grand Junction's Public Information Office, Heidi Davison, and she told me 36 speeding tickets have been written in school zones since the first day of school. That's in Grand Junction alone. Officer Davidson said, "there maybe a few tickets still floating around that haven't been entered yet." Don't speed!

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