I remember the first time I had to pay a babysitter here in Colorado and I thought oh, my, GOODNESS are you kidding me?

Well compared to then I think I might fall over and go into convulsions if I had children that needed a babysitter today. It's nothing like back-in-the-day when I "thought" I was paying way too much.

I think if I had little ones now I'd be more than happy to pay the cost from 15 years ago.

According to TODAY, they reported the hourly rate nationwide from the annual survey by Urbansitters came to $16.75 for one child.

Babysitting Pay Map
Courtesy of Urbansitter.com

As far as Colorado goes the average for one child is a tad lower ranging from $13.41 to $15.90, thank goodness.

Going on a date is so expensive and when you have to roll in babysitting cost forget about it.

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