This past weekend Savannah and I finally moved into our new home here in Grand Junction. The process seemed so long as we spent over a month in a hotel room waiting to close on our home but it is finally ours and we couldn't be more excited about calling the Grand Valley home.

After we received the keys to our new house we stopped by and began the cleaning process and let painters in so we could start making the changes we wanted to make it not just our house but our home. The sellers of the home had just a few things left to remove from the house but one of those things was their cat. They actually had 3 cats, two were already taken and the outside one that is a little more difficult to catch was still there.

We finally got the cat and called her owners and they came and picked her up and removed the last of their property from our new house. We woke up the next morning and the cat was walking along the side of our house. We didn't really understand how the cat was there but we attempted to catch it again. We texted the cat's owners and they say she got away from them.

The cat has now been living somewhere around our house for a few days probably confused as to where her owners are since they haven't been back to pick her up. We have left food out for this cat to make sure she doesn't starve (which she did eat). Unfortunately, this cat did take a swipe at one of our dogs with her claw and made my boxer-mix Gypsy (who I refer to as Princess) bleed on her nose. So, keeping this cat isn't really an option if she can't get along with our dogs.

My problem is that Savannah has actually cried due to hearing the cat meowing at night when we know the temperatures get cold. Our goal now is to capture the cat again and just take it to a shelter. As much as we would love to return it to its owners again we just want what's best for the cat. And I believe it would be to take it to a shelter.

What do you think? How long do you care for a cat before taking it to a shelter?

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