Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about personal trainer Keallan Dowells, who recently got engaged. This is how he stays so positive 24/7, stays focused on fitness, and why he loves being a trainer.

Keallan graduated from Colorado Mesa University in 2017 with a bachelors of science in fitness promotion. He started working at Mesa Fitness as a personal trainer shortly after he graduated, was offered a management position at the Clifton location, and then another one at the Rimrock location.

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Keallan Dowells says that his favorite part about working as a personal trainer/manager is making connections with people and helping them. He's a social person who says he gets a lot of fulfillment from working with people.

He says that everyone says that personal trainers are really therapists and he agrees that he kind of is. He builds connections with his clients and learns about their personal lives and develops friendships through personal training.

We wanted to know if he had any tips for getting back into the gym and back into fitness after the COVID-19 pandemic and here's Keallan's advice:

  • Reestablish a goal and make it realistic
  • Find someone who will work out with you, someone who helps push you and holds you accountable
  • Ease yourself back into it, start working out once or twice a week versus six times a week
  • Have fun with it and find new ways to work out like hiking, playing basketball and walking your dogs

Keallan takes his own advice and has a buddy that he works out with to create new goals and keep him motivated. We had to know how he stays so positive and so happy 24/7 and this is what he said:

I was always raised to find the positives in little things. And even if I find myself in a negative situation or fail I still try and pick out the positives and look forward to improving myself and getting better down the road.

He says that he knows it's important to stay positive as a trainer and he just carries that in his day to day life.

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