We all like to think that we are reasonably intelligent human beings, but this quiz of general knowledge may have you wondering.

Whether it's pop music, movies, geography, or world history we all have some basic knowledge. Some of that we learned in school (and forgot) and some of it we have picked up over the years, but exactly how much of it have we retained?

What about international flags, proper grammar, and science? It's possible you know more than you think you do. It's also possible that you know a whole lot less.

Take this quiz from BuzzFeed and see how you fare in the area of general knowledge.Then take our poll below and let us know how you did.

For the record, I scored 29 correct out of 50. At least it's over 50%. It's nothing to write home about, but it could be a lot worse.

Never mind that some of those 29 correct answers were complete guesses.

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