It seems like Girl Scout cookies are everywhere, but do you have any idea how many cookies we have in western Colorado?

Girl Scout cookies went on sale in the Grand Valley earlier this month, but, it all started on February 3 when cookies were distributed to local troops in the Grand Valley.

With more than 1200 girls active in Girl Scouts on the western slope you can imagine how many cookies were on that big delivery truck. And you can see from the photo above, the Lincoln Park parking lot was filled with cases and cases and cases of delicious Girl Scout Cookies.

More than 365,000 boxes of cookies were delivered to western Colorado.That's in the neighborhood of 10 million cookies. For your information, that is a lot of cookies! If you lined up all of those individual boxes of cookies end to end on I-70 they would reach from Grand Junction all the way to Rifle.

Another way to look at it is all of these boxes of cookies laid end to end would reach from Fruita to Palisade -- and all the way back to Fruita. That's how far 10 million Girl Scout cookies will go.

So, whether your true love is Thin Mints, Tagalongs, or the new S'mores, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of Girl Scout cookies this year in Western Colorado and they'll be available until March 11 from a girl scout near you.

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