I'm just not one of those guys who needs the newest phone or the flashiest car, I'm a creature of habit. I enjoy using the things I have and when I need to replace that item I normally get the same thing I am used to using. We all have different quirks that make us who we are but there is one thing I am trying to get better at, and that includes giving gift ideas.

So, next Wednesday I enjoy another trip around the sun as I celebrate my 35th birthday. I get excited about my birthday, but I truly have more fun celebrating other people's birthday. I would much rather eat cake when someone else is getting older.

I've Never Been Good At Coming Up With Gift Ideas for Myself

Every year normally a full month before my birthday arrives my tremendous wife Savannah starts asking if there is anything I want. We normally play this same game for a few weeks as she gets more annoyed that another year is approaching and again I have no ideas or suggestions for her. But really, I am a simple guy, I really don't need anything.

My Birthday is Always Fantastic Even With Zero Suggestions

I'm lucky that Savannah cares enough to take the time and make my birthday special even when I tell her to "not worry about it this year". I'm so fortunate every day it's hard to identify anything that I need or even want.

How do you come up with suggestions for your birthday gift ideas, or are you a pain in the backside like I am, and don't give your family any help with suggestions or ideas?

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