In the battle of hot dogs vs weenies, the Grand Junction roasting faithful have spoken in our recent poll.

When I go camping, I like to have a weenie roast. That means cooking weenies on a stick over an open fire. I was sure pretty much everyone was inclined to roast "weenies," but I was wrong.

The results of my recent poll indicate that Grand Junction cookers prefer to roast hot dogs, not weenies, or wieners.

In my unofficial,  unscientific - but accurate poll, 68% of respondents prefer the term roasting hot dogs. Weenies came in second with 17% of the vote, while about 10% call it a wiener roast.

As I had mentioned previously, it doesn't really matter what we call it, but it is quite interesting to see how different people are, and how our assumptions about people sometimes are way off.

The main thing, the 'hot dog cooking season" is here, so regardless of what you call it, grab a stick and a hot dog, and let the roasting begin.

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