There was a hit and run involving three cars on Monday night, November 23, in Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction. Grand Junction Police are currently investigating the incident.

A pickup truck reportedly hit two vehicles on Santa Clara Avenue in Orchard Mesa. The incident happened last night on the 1100 block of Santa Clara in Grand Junction, according to KKCO.

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The pickup truck hit two vehicles and then the driver fled the scene, according to KKCO. Turn out the vehicle was stolen because Grand Junction Police received a call reporting that their pickup truck had been stolen in Orchard Mesa, according to KKCO.

Someone stole the pickup truck from the Maverick gas station off of 27 Road and didn't seem to get very far before they hit multiple cars. Both of the cars and the Chevy Silverado pickup truck are in terrible shape after the hit and run.

We feel bad for the people that own these cars and especially bad for the person that owns the pickup truck. We would be irate if we went into a gas station only to come out and find that someone stole our vehicle.

According to KKCO, Grand Junction Police are currently investigating this horrendous hit and run incident and encourage anyone with any information to contact them. You can call the Grand Junction Police Department or Crime stoppers at 970-241-STOP.

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