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If the upcoming holidays provide the opportunity for a little downtime, make the most of it with a hike up Mt. Garfield. Don't let the winter weather dissuade you. If you do make the hike, though, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Just yesterday, December 17, I found myself in the mood to make the hike. If you put a wiggle in it, you get up and down the mountain in a little over two hours. With that in mind, this hike doesn't require setting aside an entire day. This is something you can do before or after work.

Take a Snowy Hike on Grand Junction's Mt. Garfield

Don't let winter weather discourage you from experiencing this trail. In my case, I enjoy the hike, even more, this time of year. It will require a little extra planning. If you see any free time on the horizon, please invest a few hours in this awesome winter hike.

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