When I'm driving around, I always like to take in the scenery and I often find myself wondering what things used to look like. Whether it's here or in any other city or town that I'm in, I find myself thinking "I wonder what this place looked like 10,20,50 years ago." Often I'll just Google old images of a certain place. So that's why I thought of this video of someone taking a nice little drive through Loveland back in 1990.

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Now, I'm going to date myself in a big way here when I say that I was a Junior in high school when this video was shot but more importantly and impressively, this video really puts in perspective how Loveland (and NoCo in general) has grown and just how many more people live here now than almost 30 years ago.

In this video that is super trippy, mostly because the person filming was bouncing around quite a bit at times but just looking around and seeing the lack of development that was around and the eerie amount of traffic (or lack thereof) is pretty crazy.

The video starts on County Road 17 (Taft/Shields) and eventually goes through a few different areas of Loveland.

Northern Colorado has changed so much over the years and Loveland is certainly one of the places that has grown immensely. In fact, the population has more than doubled since 1990.

The population of Loveland back then was between 32,000 to 35,000 people to whereas in 2020 the population sits at just over 81,000.

As you can see in this next driving tour through Loveland which was just taken in the past year or two, a lot has changed, especially the number of cars on the road in many of the places.

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