Colorado is full of rad little towns, but we have one of the coolest little towns right next door -- Palisade, Colorado. We feel Palisade is the coolest small town around, with their breweries, distilery, vineyards, orchards and the awesome scenery of the Bookcliffs, Mt. Garfield and the Mesa. Find out how you can help vote Palisade the "Coolest Small Town of 2013"!

Each year Budget Travel asks its webviewers to vote for what they think is the coolest small town in America. Last year there was a tie for the coolest town(s) both Beaufort, N.C. with a population of 4,039 & Hammondsport, N.Y. population 661 were both voted the coolest.

This year we want to make our own Palisade the coolest small town, do you think we can do it? Here's how it works!

The rules:

The town must have a population under 10,000. It also needs that indescribable something: independent shops, a sense of energy, an epic backyard, culture, delicious coffee. In other words, cool doesn't necessarily mean quaint: We want towns with an edge and a heart.

How the winner is decided:

Once everyone's weighed in with their nominations, our work will begin: We'll be reviewing all the nominations, along with any other gems we discover on our own, to narrow the list to 10 finalists -- we'll use your votes as a guide, but also look for diversity in geography, attractions, architecture, and more. We'll post those in January and ask you to vote on the winner.

Will you help us make our little town of Palisade the "Coolest Small Town of 2013"? We have until October 15th to get the nominations in!

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