I'm sure your mailbox looks like mine this time of year, daily filled with all sorts of political propaganda. Vote for this. Don't vote for that. This is good. That is bad. It's maddening!

It can be extremely overwhelming, which can lead to a lot of people saying the heck with it and not even going to the polls. That is the worst thing that can happen. For our system to work most efficiently, we need everyone casting a vote, regardless of your belief system or political persuasion.

Here's good news. Help is available and it might have been in your mailbox and you didn't realize it.

The State of Colorado has compiled an information booklet designed to educate voters on the 13 statewide measures, as well as the judges that are up for re-election.

This blue booklet won't tell you how to vote, but it will help you understand what the issues are and provides  arguments for and against each initiative.

The information regarding the retention of judges was prepared by the state and district commissions on judicial performance and does offer a recommendation on whether or not a particular judge should be retained.

You won't find information in this booklet on candidate races at the state or local level. You'll have to do some digging on your own to determine how you should vote. However, the information provided will be a great help to you in understanding the issues that you are voting on.

If you did not get a booklet in the mail, or perhaps threw it away not realizing what it was,  you can get this information from the Colorado website. The best thing you can do in the coming weeks is become an informed voter.

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