There's a hike in Colorado where you actually enjoy the trip to Hell's Hole.

The Colorado hike to Hell's Hole is an 8-mile roundtrip journey in the Mount Evans Wilderness south of Idaho Springs. The name is scary, but the hike itself is gorgeous. If you're ready for a Colorado road trip, strap on your hiking shoes, and let's hit the road.

What is Hell's Hole?

In this case, Hell's Hole is actually a swampy, rocky marshland at an elevation of close to 11,200 feet. At the end of the hike, you can hike through the willows down to what's known as Hell's Hole.

The Beauty of Hell's Hole

The elevation gain of the Hell's Hole hike is over 1,800 feet with about 1,200 of that happening in the first two miles. You'll experience a couple of easy water crossings and a grove of aspens that start turning to gold in early September. Eventually, the aspens give way to pines, and eventually to the well-weathered bristlecone pines near the top.

Along the way on the Hell's Hole Trail will be some great views of Mount Evans and Gray Wolf Mountain and plenty of fantastic photo opportunities.

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Permit Required For Hell's Hole Hike

You'll need to register for this Mount Evans Wilderness hike, but permits are free. The self-issued permit station is located a few minutes into the hike.

Where Is Hell's Hole?

The Hell's Hole trailhead is about 6 1/2 miles south of Idaho Springs on Highway 103. You'll take West Chicago Creek Road for about 3 miles and the dirt road will end at the trailhead.

Hell's Hole Trail

If you are a hiker looking for a change of scenery, you should check out the Hell's Hole hike near Idaho Springs. It's a beautiful hike with some fantastic views. Take a look at these images from the Hell's Hole Trail, located 6 1/2 miles southwest of Idaho Springs on Highway 103. You'll take the West Chicago Creek Road for 3 miles - and the trail starts where the road ends.

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