If you want to capture one of the great wonders of Colorado wildlife, just head to Mueller State Park.

The fall colors may or may not be a little disappointing this year, but Mueller State Park is a great option to see some changing leaves and experience some Colorado wildlife.

If you want to see wildlife in action, the park is offering a number of guided hikes in October for people who love to hike and experience nature.

A couple of the hikes are expressly for experiencing bugling elk. October 5 and 11 the park hosts Bugling Elk Hikes at 5:00pm. This is described as a strenuous 3-mile hike that returns after dark so hikers must be over the age of 10. It's the time of the year when bull elk are bugling up a storm and looking for and competing for females. It's pretty cool to see and hear.

There is also a 2-mile day-hike available through Elk Meadow that isn't age-restricted. It has some great views and "hopefully" lots of elk.

Mueller State Park is about 45 minutes from Colorado Springs on the west side of Pike's Peak. Grab a motel or just camp inside the park. The hikes are free but you'll need a daily pass or an annual pass to get into the park.

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