Zane Mathews

As the weather turns warmer, we turn our attention to those things we can do to enjoy it. Is there a better way to enjoy warm weather than water? If you like to float, we have a few ideas for you. And if whitewater is your thing, well, we covered that too. So what are you waiting for? Get floating!

Just east of Grand Junction you will find Island Acres State Park. It has all the amenities you would hope for. If you like to grill, picnic, or just lay in the water and float, this is a great place to do it. And if you like to combine floating with fishing, there are separate fishing holes for you to explore as well as campgrounds.

The Colorado River

There is nothing quite like cruising the Colorado river. Whether you have a small boat, or just an inner tube, getting into the water and just, well, floating, has to be one of the life's simplest pleasures. With the scenery we have in Western Colorado, this is one must do!

Rafting Trips

There are several companies who offer rafting trips of varying lengths. If you're looking for a quick run or something all day, taking one of these will satisfy ANY water enthusiast!

Grand Junction's Five Best Places To Enjoy The Water

Located in Fruita, Co. they offer guided trips as well as rentals. You can just rent a kayak or a raft, and off you go!

Grand Junction's Five Best Places To Enjoy The Water

Adventure Bound USA offers several types of experiences on several different bodies of water. Day trips, camping trips, inflatable kayaks, however you like to float, you should check these guys out!

That should get you started! Once the warm weather arrives I will be out there too!

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