I should be the poster child when it comes to marathon watching on Netflix.

I just completed Gracie and Frankie in just a few weeks and I've also watched Dexter which is a whole nother world of crazy. I was so addicted.

Truth be told I've put Dexter on repeat more than once.

I need a new addiction on Netflix and thank goodness y'all have been able to help me out on Facebook ... your input is always appreciated.

With your help my summer top 10 for Netflix will be:

1. Lucifer

2. The Ranch

3. Stranger Things

4. Supernatural

5. Dead to Me

6. Vampire Diaries

7. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

8. Life Sentence

9. Designated Survivor

10. Atypical

I believe that I have a pretty solid list to hold me over this summer.

First on the list kind of scares me but I promised my daughter that I'd watch that one next. Many of you agreed with her so Lucifer it is ... yikes!

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