Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, as in, it's this weekend. I wanted to know if you've made plans so I just asked you this:

After asking you on our Facebook, these are Grand Junction's plans for Labor Day weekend.

Funny you say that, Jack, because those are my plans too. 95 Rock's Rally, Rumble and Rock is this Saturday in Parachute. I'll be there and Bret Michaels will also be there.

This looks so beautiful it makes me want to ask if I can come with. I love how their dog is sitting right up front, soaking in the best view.

Even though my version of work during Labor Day weekend will be working at the Bret Michaels concert, I'm right there with you Patrick.

Evelyn is going to a different concert and I'm sure she'll have a great time.

No matter what your plans are, try to get some relaxation and some fun in this Labor Day weekend.

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