Perhaps you have traveled to Arches National Park in Utah to enjoy the beauty of the natural stone arches there, but did you know we have them here too?

In the McInnis National Conservation area lies the best collection of arches in Colorado. Including the magnificent Cedar Tree, or Rainbow Arch.

The Cedar Tree Arch is 76 Feet wide and the opening height is 43 feet! That is some arch! I must admit I did not know this was here, not just the Cedar Tree Arch, but in the Rattlesnake Arches area, you will find the second most arches, next to Arches National Park itself!

It's a pretty good hike, so bring a lot of water, and of course, take a lot of pictures and share!

Here's how you get there.

Take the Colorado Monument to the Glade Park turnoff. Take DS road all the way to McInnis Canyon National Conservation Area and get ready to hike!

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