Next time you are driving Interstate 70 outside of Grand Junction you may notice something is missing.

Junked RV Was Part of the Desert Landscape

How many times have you been driving down I-70 and noticed that old, worn-out RV sitting in the desert, surrounded by trash and junk? You may have wondered if someone is living there. Is it actually legal to set up a permanent residence on public land? It's been there for a long time, but now it has finally been removed. Did someone live here, or is it just a dumping site?

Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Mesa County Sheriff's Office

Five Visible Sites Cleaned Up

Mesa Code Compliance Services, along with the  Mesa County Sheriff's Office, has been busy in recent months cleaning up the county. This week they removed another RV from the State Land Board I-70 frontage road property just north of the interstate. They identified the RV unit as site No. 3 - the last site visible from the interstate.

Google Maps/Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Google Maps/Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

You can see from the map, a  number of sites that have been targeted for cleanup in this area. On the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, there are tons of comments calling the sites "an unsightly mess," "ridiculous," and "pathetic."

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It's An On-Going Process to Beautify Mesa County

The clean-up effort is part of an ongoing process to beautify the county and get rid of illegal transient campsites. Last year, the county targeted illegal camps near the Colorado River between 32 ½ Road and C ½ Road.

Shocking Photos of Desert Cleanup Along Interstate 70

Here is a look at the recent clean-up effort of illegal sites in the desert along I-70, just outside of Grand Junction. The cleanup effort is a collaboration between Mesa Code Compliance Services and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. Scroll down to see photos from the most recent cleanup.

Before and After: Clean Up of Illegal Mesa County Camps

Homelessness is a huge problem in Grand Junction, and it's a problem that bleeds over into the natural beauty of the Grand Valley. Scroll through the photos below to see the mess of illegal camps along the river in Mesa County, and the work that was done to clean it up.

Contruction Progress and Preview of Clifton Community Campus

Construction is underway on the new Clifton Community Campus in Clifton. Scroll through the images below to see the construction progress and to see some images of what the finished project will look like.



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