Over the Memorial Day weekend, I was trying to stay off social media and just enjoy time with friends in town. It really was a nice break from staring at my phone all weekend but there was some news that was posted on social media that I saw shared multiple times over the extended weekend and that came from a post on the Official Glacier Ice Arena Facebook page stating that ice rink in Grand Junction now has new owners.

While this news does sound very exciting and lots of people in Western Colorado will be excited about the ice arena staying open in our community, this was just a post made on social media. We are trying to make sure this information is valid before we start jumping for joy over hockey, figure skating, and many other activities will have a place to practice and play.

There Isn't a Lot of Information At This Time Regarding the New Owners

As you can see from the post made on social media there isn't a lot of information that has been released about the new owners or what the plans are now to get the building ready for action. The plan is to reopen the facility in the fall but even those plans are a little up in the air as no date has been set.

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The Best Way To Support Glacier Ice Arena in Grand Junction

Encourage friends and family members to do the same so we can keep the ice arena alive in Grand Junction for many years to come.

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