This past weekend was one for the books. There was so much going on this weekend between, it's hard to choose just one favorite part. From not working to the Broncos getting a win, this is Grand Junction's favorite part about the weekend.

Between Mutual Friends Skate Shop on Friday, Winefest Saturday and Wuffstock on Sunday, it was a wild weekend. I asked you this on our Facebook:

And here's what Grand Junction had to say about their favorite part of the weekend.

Whenever you do get time off, you've got to appreciate it. Keith sounds like he's very grateful to have some time away from work.

Jim, this is just the sweetest thing. And if your wife sees this (or hears this) I'm sure you'll get a big kiss.

Kat almost did all the same things I did this weekend. That's how I know she had a great weekend because I definitely did.

This is a reminder of how beautiful and wild Colorado is. These were the first residents and deserve all of our respect.

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