Valentine's Day is this week and Grand Junction knows what they want. From chocolate to a Valentine, here's what Grand Junction wants for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is a day when you spend too much money for no reason, all restaurants are super busy and candy just magically disappears. One of the only good parts about Valentine's Day is letting your Valentine know how much you care about them, and vice versa.

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Grand Junction knows exactly what they want for Valentine's Day and it ranges from a Pokemon to a whole lot of flowers. We asked you what you wanted for Valentine's Day on our Facebook and Instagram and this is Grand Junction's List of Love. Here's what Grand Junction wants for Valentine's Day.

A Valentine

Susan Wonders and Karie Finochio commented on our Facebook and Instagram and said a Valentine/lover. All I want for Valentine's Day is to spend some time with my Valentine because there's nothing more I appreciate than spending time with my loved ones.

Concert Tickets + Dinner

Michelle Galindo says that she wants some concert tickets for Valentine's Day. Then she clarified that she actually doesn't want anything, maybe just a nice dinner that she doesn't have to cook. (Good thinking Michelle, I'm actually adding that last part to my Valentine's Day list.)

A Massage + a Pokemon

The Massage Store commented on our Facebook and says a massage would be great for Valentine's day and Mara Smelkinson agreed. Mickie Robinson on our Facebook says they want a shiny Chancey from Pokemon Go.

A Nap + Chocolate

Reannon Marie commented on our Facebook and says she wants a nap for Valentine's Day. (I love naps.) Danielle Flores on our Instagram says that she wants lots of chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Sweetness + Flowers

Caitlyn had the sweetest response on our Instagram. Caitlyn says she wants a sweet text and some quality time with her boo for Valentine's day -- cue the 'awwwws.' And Monica on our Instagram says she wants flowers 'like so bad' for Valentine's Day.

Whatever you end up doing or getting for Valentine's Day just remember, your person is more important than any material possession. (Super cheesy, but super true.)

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