For some people, the COVID-19 quarantine has been a source of inspiration.

Miss Kalinda Theobold is one of those individuals who has continued to thrive during the time of self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Miss Theobold is a music teacher at Pomona Elementary School and she loves to connect with her students - even from afar.

Previously, Miss Theobold brought us a delightful parody from the Lion King soundtrack bemoaning the drudgery of being stuck at home. Now she has brought us another creation called "Quarantine."  This one is to the tune of  "This Is Me" from The Greatest Showman.

While everyone is so anxious to get out and get back to various social activities, we've all developed a new appreciation for household cleaning supplies and sanitizers. Though we may get back to normal, it's likely for many, there will be lifestyle changes, and increased sanitizing is going to be one of them. And we going to gain a new appreciation for simple pleasures like going out to eat,  doing a little shopping, and going out with friends.

Thanks to Miss Theobold for helping us smile during this difficult time and thanks for giving your musical all to Grand Junction's elementary students. Maybe this is how we celebrate the forthcoming transition from quarantine to freedom.

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