UPDATED April 1: Due to the overwhelming demand for food, the Community Food Bank is currently operating on limited hours. The Food Bank is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1pm-3pm. When you go to pick up food, there's no need to go inside, just pull around to the back. Signs and volunteers will give you guidance.

[UPDATED: March 19  10:00am]
The Community Food Bank is seeing a tremendous response, and with their many at-risk volunteers over the age of 60 not being available to help, the hours of distribution have changed. (See below)

Those coming to the food bank should not use the front door, but drive around to the back of the building. There are signs and volunteers to help with traffic flow. Do not get out of your car. A volunteer will come to you to match you up with the right-sized food box.
Food bank volunteers are adhering to the strictest sanitation guidelines from Mesa County Public Health.

Here's some good news for the segment of the population that needs an extra boost during this time of crisis.

The Community Food Bank in Grand Junction is open for those that are needing food. There are no income qualifications for food recipients, and families in crisis can visit the food banks 9 times during the year to receive a three-day supply of food. People over the age of 60 can visit 12 times a year

The Community Food Bank hours are as follows:
Monday: 1pm - 3pm
Tuesday: 1pm - 3pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 1pm-3pm,
Friday:   1pm-3pm

While the food bank generally is in need of donations of food from the public, at the present time, all public food donations have been suspended until further notice. If you want to help out, you can still make a cash donation to support the operation.

Another way you can support the operation is to volunteer to help with distribution. A good many of the food bank's volunteers are older individuals who fall into that 'high risk' category in regards to COVID-19. That being the case, these volunteers are not able to help out at this time, which creates a need for others to step up and volunteer.

If you are not in the high-risk category and would like to help out, please reach out to the Community Food Bank on their website.

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