We've all been there, that impending moment we get a hankering for something sweet. It's that darn sweet tooth. Don't fret my sugar-craving friend, Grand Junction is home to some sugar-coated specialty shops. Let's get our cavity on!

Whether you're looking for an old-time candy shop, something sweet to help you cool down or you're in the mood for cake, but don't want to submit to gluttony, we have you covered.

Here are our favorite diabetes-inducing joints in Grand Junction.

O. M. G! Candy Time Shoppe could definitely put you in a sugar coma and we're OK with that. Take a step back in time and enjoy some of your favorite old-fashioned candies, salt water taffy, ice cream treats and more. Don't miss the cooler in the back with vintage glass bottle sodas. We'll take a delicious Faygo pop, yes pop, it is from the midwest.

(Candy Time Shoppe is located downtown Grand Junction at 500 Main Street | 970.628.4254)

It gets hot in Junction and there's never a better way to cool off than with something sweet and cold; dip into some delicious gelato at Gelato Junction. Gelato Junction serves up Grand Junction's best handcrafted and all natural gelato that's made fresh daily! Enjoy yours in a cup, cone or get crazy with a chocolate dipped waffle cone.

(Gelato Junction is located downtown Grand Junction at 449 Main Street | 970.245.4759)

Enstrom Candies is a Grand Junction staple! All we have to say, TRY THE TOFFEE! It's to die for. Not only does Enstrom offer this delectable sweet, they gourmet chocolate, coffee, ice cream and even a designer chocolate shoe. Why are we still discussing this, meet ya in the chocolate vat!

(Enstrom Candies is located downtown Grand Junction at 701 Colorado Avenue and other area locations. | 970.683.1000)

You could order yourself a whole cake, but you'll look at yourself in disgust after you finish the whole thing off. The Baker's Boutique can hook you up with your own personal cake, let's call them a cupcake for all intents and purposes. The Baker's Boutique features weekly flavors of these tiny cakes, some with funky-fun designs, and we're here to tell you, you can't eat just one. They also offer baking classes to help you bake cupcakes of your own, don't forget to share.

(The Bakers Boutique is located at 2478 Patterson Road # 19 in Grand Junction | 970.241.0033)

With these killer specialty shops, why would you head to the corner store to get a boring old candy bar?

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