Deadheads and anyone who has ever wondered about the phenomena of the Grateful Dead now have an opportunity to experience it on the big screen in Grand Junction.

The phenomenal film 'Grateful Dead at the Movies' will be shown in Grand Junction for one night and one showing on Wednesday (May 11) at 7:00 p.m.

Canyon View Stadium 14 Theaters will be showing the incredible film that is a combination of a concert performance and documentary footage in this special one night event.

The film will give Grateful Dead fans and others curious about why this band had a cult following a chance to experience, at least on film, what made this band so unforgettable when they performed.

The movie event features previously unreleased footage from the Grateful Dead concert at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts on July 2, 1989.

One of the special features of this film is the concert starts with a rare show opener, 'Playing With the Band' and also the only time in history the band started their second set with 'Friend of the Devil.'

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