The Grand Junction Police Department has a list of helpful tips that can be printed to remind residents how to avoid becoming a victim of scams and fraud.

In the latest reported scam/fraud reported, the caller tells you you're paying too much for the satellite television service and they offer to help. Here's what the Police Department recommends in a situation like this.

NEVER give ANY information to an unsolicited caller. Period. Just don't do it. Even if you are a current customer of the company they claim to be with. If the call is legitimate, you can hang up and do your own research to find a customer service number--DON'T call the number that they oh-so-helpfully provide."

The tip sheet above is an example of the information you can print from the Grand Junction Police Department Facebook page or request as a PDF emailed to you to print at home. Printed copies are also available at the Police Department at 555 Ute Avenue.

Share copies of the information with friends and family, especially those who don't frequent social media and may not know this information is available.

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