City Market flowers again? Walgreens card purchased Saturday night? Nah. Mom deserves a thought out plan because she's the coolest! Here are a few ideas she will love to do this year in the Grand Valley.

1. Take her on an easy hike and pack a picnic. Try the Devil's Kitchen hike, it's low impact, and weather is perfect right now on the Colorado National Monument.


Mother's Day Grand Junction
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2. You know she ALWAYS wants you to go to her church. Surprise her with attending more than just a Christmas Eve Service.


Mother's Day Grand Junction

3. After that, take her to Cold Stone Creamery. She can get a tasty treat for FREE on Sunday!


Grand Junction Mother's Day
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4. I'm just going, to be honest, this is personally my FAVORITE idea... How about brunch in Palisade? Or perhaps an afternoon tea?

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5. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a position of WISHING we could afford to do everything in the world with our mom, but our pocketbook just doesn't match our enthusiasm. We've all been there. Take a few minutes to make a card for your mom. Think of a memory or a time that you REALLY loved spending with her, and write it in your homemade card. Maybe pick up her favorite chocolate bar (king size, of course!) for $2.

Here's the bottom line. No matter how young or old your mama is, she just wants to spend a little time with you. Heck. She MADE you and loves you! So do what she loves best; spend some quality time with her. It's important.

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