A Grand Junction mom and her young son had to hide in the bedroom closet after two individuals entered their house.

While sitting home with her young son watching TV and waiting for her husband to come home, a Grand Junction women heard her front door open and the family dog began to growl. When she looked up, she was horrified to find a male individual standing in her living room; he stated he wanted shelter or food.

She and her son retreated to her bedroom and called 911. While on the phone with 911, the women said she and her son were going to leave through the bedroom window when the caller noticed a female individual in the backyard. She then locked themselves in the bedroom closet to wait for authorities to arrive.

When the officers arrived, they discovered Sergio Ramirez, 28 of Grand Junction (pictured left), and Maricella Lozano (pictured right), 29 of Grand Junction, in the residence. Both were arrested and drug paraphernalia and meth were found on Lozano.

Ramirez was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with2nd degree burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia. Lozano was arrested and charged with2nd degree burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a Schedule II drug.

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