The awesome Grand Junction weather is but mere moments away, which means winter hibernators will be shaking off the cobwebs and hitting the outdoors. One of the best ways to get rid of that cabin fever is on the hiking trails. Before you head out trekking the most difficult trails, make sure YOU are prepared.

Let's face it, we all try to stay in shape, it's just so much work. With the sun hanging out longer, our blood begins to boil to get out of he house -- you want to be in shape when you do that.

Grand Junction and the surrounding areas have some of the best hiking trails in Colorado, even if the Front Range disagrees. Here are some key tips to make sure you're prepared:

No Your Limits

If you've been laying on the couch all winter, or it's you're a first-timer, don't think you can tackle a 10 mile out and back on your first day. You'll need to be able to tackle that molehill in your backyard before you conquer Everest. Choose an easier trail to get your bearings back, or you'll end up laying on your back.

Partner Up

Go with a friend, and make sure they are in better shape than you. You'll probably have to get a piggy-back ride halfway through the hike. Plus, if get lost you, you can always resort to cannibalism.

Protect Your Feet

A good pair of boots are always best, but a good pair of athletic shoes will suffice. You only have one pair of feet, and you need them to take you places. You might as well drop a few bucks on some good socks too, your nose will thank you.

Layers, They're Not Just for Gum

It's springtime, one minute the Sun is pounding down on you and your in Heaven the next minute the skies open up with a fury of wind and rain -- you definitely don't want to be the wet one. Just a plain t-shirt, a light fleece and a windbreaker will do. Don't forget sunscreen, red is out this season.

Pack Like a Llama

Fill your backpack with all sorts of goodies to be extra prepared for longer hikes, but you're not ready for that. All you'll really need since you're having trouble leaving your couch is some water, food, camera, cell phone, some bandaids, and a pillow and blanket for that mid-trail nap -- OK, leave those at home.

This should start you off on the right (or left) foot to getting in shape after your winter hibernation.

Remember to always be courteous to your fellow hikers, you are hiking on the side of a cliff at times -- messy.

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