Grand Junction, Colorado is the best place on the western slope to play golf.

Five affordable public golf courses, fabulous weather, breath-taking surroundings, and the longest golf season in the entire state make Grand Junction an awesome destination for Colorado golf.

Grand Junction Golf Courses Offer 90 Holes of Golf

With five public golf courses offering 90 holes, getting on the course is generally not a problem. Most of the time you can get a tee time somewhere, and the courses are usually pretty well-groomed.

Fabulous Weather in Grand Junction is Perfect for Golfing a Round

One of the best things about the western Colorado desert is the weather. Mild winters that don't normally produce a ton of snow, summers that are hot and dry, and a comfortable fall season that can stretch deep into November.

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There's a Long Golf Season in Grand Junction

Typically, the golf season essentially runs from March through November when the weather is more than comfortable. If you don't mind playing in 40-degree weather, it's quite possible to get some rounds in during the off-months of December, January, and February. Sunshine and 42 degrees in the grand valley in January is actually fabulous golf weather.

Grand Junction Golf Course are Affordable

Another attractive feature of playing golf in Grand Junction is that, for the most part, it doesn't thin out your wallet nearly as quickly as many golf destinations. That means you can play more golf and still enjoy some of the other entertainment and dining options in the Grand Valley.

Grand Junction Colorado is Home to These Awesome Golf Courses

If you're looking for a terrific place to play golf, Grand Junction, Colorado might just be the spot for you. Here's a look at the five public golf courses in and near Grand Junction and what you can expect when you come to play.

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