Chad Martin, 29 of Grand Junction, was arrested on June 26 after a warrant had been released for two accounts of child abuse.

Martin was charged for "knowing or reckless actions that caused serious bodily injury" and "lack of medical care/ knowingly, with serious bodily injury" according to the Grand Junction Police Department.

Martin claims he dropped his five-month-old son onto a carpeted cement floor as his child pushed away from him. Although a local physician agreed Martin's story could be accurate, inconsistencies were revealed as Martin later claimed he dropped his child on the toe of a steel boot.

Martin told investigators he had his child inspected by both his mother and neighbor (an unemployed nurse). The mother of the child, Sarah McManis was also informed of the child's injury on the day it occurred.

After reviewing the investigation, it was agreed by multiple specialists that the incident described by Martin could have not cause the bruising (in multiple areas on the face) and skull fracture of the child's head. Physician specialists believe that child was either hit against a hard surface, or shoved against an object in order to cause the injuries this child suffered.

Martin was arrested without incident and has been booked in the Mesa County Detention Facility.

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