This morning I saw another crazy wheel and wagon combination here in Grand Junction. This time, it was a tricycle with a wagon built into the back of it.

I've never seen so many crazy wheel and wagon combination until I moved to Grand Junction. I understand that there's a lot of bicyclists here because, well it's a beautiful place to ride a bike. But here are some of the not-so-ordinary wheel and wagon combinations I've seen here in Grand Junction.

Tricycle with Built in Wagon

Just this morning I spotted a grown woman on an over sized tricycle. This wasn't just your regular tricycle, this tricycle had a trunk/wagon built into the back of it. I'd say seeing that was a first for me and I was truly taken aback by it.

Bicycle Towing Wagon

I've never seen so many bicyclists towing wagons until I moved here. I can't say I'd want to ride a bike while towing a wagon behind it. I wonder if you buy the bicycle and wagon together or separately.

Electric Longboards + Scooters

Although these two have no wagons attached to their set of wheels (not that I've seen) they're still crazy to me. I think riding electric longboards is ridiculous and pointless. It defeats the whole point of using your legs.

I'm not sure why but there seems to be more and more scooters popping up in Grand Junction. Regular, electric and motorized scooters are increasing and it's absurd.

What's next? A sit down (recumbent) bicycle towing a scooter with a wagon hitched to it?

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