Do you ever catch yourself taking things for granted? Life is good in Grand Junction, Colorado, but you may find you forget to stop and smell the roses.

I asked on social media, "What is something you get to experience every day that sometimes you take for granted?" Here's what you had to say.

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Living the Good Life in Grand Junction, Colorado

Have you ever heard the saying "When you take things for granted, the things you are granted get taken?" We have it all in Grand Junction: beautiful outdoors, great schools, clean air, and a safe family environment. If you've been here as long as I have, you begin to accept it as the norm.

Gratitude Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A post on the website Lifehack says, "... taking things for granted can take away that joy. You lose your power and purpose. You don’t stop to smell the roses anymore. You don’t even look at them. You let go of the little things, and the rest goes with it."

Five Reasons Why Taking Things For Granted Can Take Away Your Joy

Lifehack offers a list of reasons why we should all practice gratitude in our daily lives:

  • Selfishness - When you place others on your agenda, you are less alone and happier.
  • Negative Emotions - According to Psychology Today, practicing gratitude reduces depression and increases happiness.
  • Insecurity - If you don’t see your worth, no one can help you with that. It’s up to you to see what you have.
  • Resilience - Resilience may be stifled if you don’t see the good that you have to offer.
  • In The Moment - When was the last time you watched a sunrise or sunset? If it’s been a while, it’s time to live in the moment.

Things We Love In Grand Junction, Colorado

Your replies were thought-provoking, to say the least. Check out the gallery below and take note of how "simple" the answers are. In this case, the word "simple" is meant in the best way possible. We've embraced the important things in life, such as our health, family, and even a good cup of coffee.

We Sometimes Take These For Granted In Grand Junction, Colorado

Do you find sometimes you take things for granted? I posted the question on Facebook, "What is something you get to experience every day that sometimes you take for granted?" Here's what you had to say.

Western Colorado People Enjoying Their Lives - Robert Grant Photos Found In a Box

Here's another gallery showcasing Robert Grant photos from Grand Junction and Western Colorado. These were found in a box marked "People Identified." Images in this gallery range from the 1950s up to 1985.

Grand Junction Colorado Residents of the 1940s and 50s Simply Enjoying Their Lives

Enjoy this short gallery of Robert Grant photos showcasing Grand Junction residents simply enjoying their lives. These photos were selected out a batch of damaged prints and negatives. After putting these on the shelf for a few years, I felt it was time for them to see the light of day. All images are from Grand Junction, Colorado, of the 1940s and 1950s.

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