Are you a grown adult yet still withholding secrets from your parents? It seems people all over Grand Junction, Colorado are guilty of the same act.

I posted on social media, "Tell us a secret that your parents don't know." Here's what you had to say.

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Grand Junction Colorado Keeping Secrets From the Parental Units

I'm 51 years old and still have a number of secrets the parents don't know. The fact they're both dead kind of gets me off the hook. The fact that someone with as squeaky-clean a history as I have (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) still maintains secrets suggests that most people probably carry a collection around with them.

I never did tell my dad that I'm the one who busted a hole through his garage door back around 1977. Considering my family consists of only two children, it's not like it took a tremendous amount of investigative reporting to figure out who did it. Fortunately, he never called me out on it.

The Secrets That We Keep

It's amazing how many of you managed to avoid revealing to your parents the fact you were adopted. Well done.

Others seem just fine with maintaining the charade and keeping the secrets to themselves.

No Subterfuge Involved With This Question

You have my word no attempt is being made to learn your credit card security questions. It's an honest question. Had I asked "What was the name of your favorite pet?" or "What was the name of your 1st-Grade teacher?" then you would have reason to be concerned.

Grand Junction Colorado Secrets We Still Haven't Told Our Parents

I asked on social media, "Tell us a secret that your parents don't know." Here's what you had to say.

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