Another small business in Grand Junction, Colorado will soon celebrate their Grand Opening. This particular shop will open tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1, 2022, in Orchard Mesa.

Are you overdue for a manicure? How about a pedicure? This new business is offering awesome deals in celebration of its Grand Opening.

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People In Grand Junction, Colorado Take This Topic Seriously

A few weeks ago I asked the following question on Facebook: "Where can you get the best pedicure in Grand Junction (asking for a friend)?" At the time, I was completely unaware people placed such trust in their local salons. One would have thought I was asking about where to go to build your retirement portfolio or where to find the best Oncologist.

Some of the replies included:

Facebook / Canva
Facebook / Canva
attachment-Ginger R
attachment-Julie H (5)
attachment-Leona C

The person directly above replied, "... will not let no one else touch my toes or finger."  Is it safe to assume this person has precisely one finger?

Another New Orchard Mesa Business in Grand Junction, Colorado

Check out Orchard Mesa. New businesses are moving in right and left. It looks as though the new Subway is just about to open. Progress is underway with the new subdivision, complete with its own Taco Bell. There's talk of a Pizza Hut. Oh, and the new storage units on Highway 50 by the Orchard Mesa Veterinary Hospital. Orchard Mesa is booming!

Getting back to the new nail salon, it appears they'll be offering a number of great deals over the next few days.

Orchard Mesa Nail Salon Openin
Waylon Jordan

It appears they'll be offering 20% off all services during their "first" three days. I've had typos on signs, too. Stuff happens.

A salon has operated at this location, 2740 Highway 50, for some time. I stopped by to speak with the employees. According to them, a new owner has taken over this location.

Please Visit and Support This Small Grand Junction Colorado Business

As you've guessed by now, I'm a huge fan of locally-owned and operated small businesses. It takes a ton of chutzpah to take on an endeavor like owning a small business. While I have no interest in a manicure or facial, my feet are looking like absolute garbage right about now. Maybe they can help me out.

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