National Doughnut Day is coming up this Friday, and the only way to celebrate properly is to down a whole bunch of doughnuts. When it's time for a "donut run," where's the best place to go in Grand Junction, Colorado?

National Doughnut Day is always celebrated on the first Friday in June. For the year 2022, the holiday will fall on Friday, June 3. Time is short. Please help us track down Grand Junction's best doughnut.

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Finding Grand Junction, Colorado's Best Donut

As I'm sure you are no doubt aware, a donut is NOT a donut! As any connoisseur will tell you, some donuts make life worth living, while others are flat nasty. The right doughnut can set the tone for the rest of your day.

What's In a Name?

Before we get too far, let's settle one discussion once and for all - is it a donut, or is it a doughnut?

According to, the dictionary-approved spelling for these rings dipped in fat is "Doughnut." So, then, where did "donut" come from? It seems we have Dunkin' Donuts to thank for that. Apparently, they're responsible for the popularization of the abbreviated form.

I did a similar survey a few years ago. In that post, I created several more variations on the spelling:

  • Donought
  • Do-Nut
  • Dow-nut

Upon receiving an email from Zane Mathews asking which drug I happened to be on at the moment, it seemed wise to ditch my funky spellings and stick with the two popular versions: Donut and Doughnut.

Share Your Donut/Doughnut Wisdom

When you head out to stock up for the family or office, where will you go? Who offers the best doughnut (ha! got it right) in Grand Junction? Cast your vote. Please keep in mind that several new shops have opened since our last survey (and sadly, a few have closed). If you don't see your favorite, write it in, and it will be added to the list.

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