The big day has finally arrived. Grand Junction, Colorado's new blood donation center officially opened today, Monday, October 3, 2022.

If you're a blood donor, the new blood donation center is open and ready to serve. Here's where you'll find them.

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Grand Junction, Colorado's New Blood Donation Center

A few months ago the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center closed its blood donation facility in preparation for a new provider. As of today, St. Mary's Medical Center has partnered with local blood service provider Vitalant to offer a new, convenient blood donation facility.

Where To Find Them

You'll find Vitalant at 561 25 Road, Suite 102, in Grand Junction, Colorado. That puts it in the same plaza as T.J. Maxx, Great Harvest Bread Company, Petco, Natural Grocers, and Michaels. To reach the facility, take you can enter through the plaza's main entrance, or simply head down the access road off of 25 Road.

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

How To Make An Appointment

You can make an appointment at Grand Junction's Vitalant location, or any of their other locations, on their website. Looking at the site for the week of October 3, 2022, it looks as though their hours and available appointment times vary.

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Donations You Can Make

Looking at their official webpage, there are a number of donations one can make:

  • Whole Blood
  • Power Red
  • Plasma
  • Platelets
  • Source Plasma

To be as embarrassingly honest, I've donated blood every eight to ten weeks for the last 34 years, and to date, have never heard of donating "Power Red." To the best of my knowledge, that's the drink option at the soda dispenser at Burger King right between Root Beer and Hi-C Fruit Punch.

As it turns out, Power Red "...collects red blood cells but safely returns platelets and plasma to the donor. Donors must meet eligibility requirements, including height and weight. Donor blood type should be O-, O+, A-, or B-. The process takes from one-and-a-half to two hours."

Various Blood Drives

Did you know that October 2 through8 is "Blood Drive Coordinator Appreciation Week"? Vitalant will host various blood drives at on-site locations. The first will be Tuesday, October 4, 2022, at West Star Aviation, 796 Heritage Way, in Grand Junction. The event will run from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Grand Junction Blood Donation car
Waylon Jordan

Setting up an account on the website takes only a few moments. If you've been a blood donor in the past, please set up your new account as soon as possible. Donation times are going fast.

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