Somebody completely misunderstood how the city of Grand Junction's Spring Cleanup Program works. Unfortunately, the BLM Grand Junction Field Office is seeing more and more of this.

Looking at the contents of the trash, it seems reasonable there might be something in their identifying the person responsible. Check out the original Facebook post below. Outraged Mesa County citizens are offering their time and service to dig through it in hopes of finding something which could identify the culprit. Others are offering to hide out in their vehicles in hopes of catching those who might dump trash on our public lands.

Seriously... the Spring Cleanup Program is underway at this very moment. If that's not an option, then the Mesa County Landfill seems like a perfectly valid option. I've visited the landfill a half-dozen times in the last six months, and it seems to be operating just fine. There is no excuse for this whatsoever.

Keep in mind, this photo represents only one occurrence. According to today's post from the Bureau of Land Management, the frequency of such acts is increasing.

So, what does one do if they witness such behavior? The BLM encourages you to report illegal dumping activities to the local BLM office.

Western Colorado lands are far too awesome a place for this kind of thing to be happening. That trash could have easily been disposed of properly. The first step to solving it would be to avoid contributing to the problem. Most of us respect our lands and would never commit an act like this. The second step involves reporting those who dump illegally. Use the links above to report those who disrespect our public land.

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