By now you've heard all about the leaked names on the "dating" website, Ashley Madison, and maybe you've wondered if anyone you know had an account. We can't help you there, but we can show you how many people had an account near Grand Junction.

You could spend hours searching for an email in the Ashely Madison database, but it could take a lifetime to go through all your friends' email addresses.

Luckily, Tecnilogica put together this handy interactive map detailing how many users came from each city. And we're kinda surprised by the number of Grand Junction residents who had accounts.

According to the map, Grand Junction had a total of 7,034 users with 87.2761% being men. Fruita came in behind GJ with 656 users, followed by Palisade with 203 users. Also on the list was Loma, 68 users; Fruitvale, 61 users; De Beque, 42; Collbran, 28 users and finally Glade Park, 23 users.

If we do a little number crunching, with Grand Junction's population being 59,778 and 46.1-percent of those people being married we're looking at roughly 12% of the overall population of Grand Junction and 25% of GJ's married population belonged to the dating site that focused on extramarital affairs.

We're not saying all of those members were married, it's just a possibility knowing what Ashley Madison focused on.

By looking at some of the smaller towns on the list, those percentage rates can be a lot higher.

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