The speed limit through Glenwood Canyon will soon be going up -- and down.

Starting in November, the speed limit through the canyon will vary between 30 and 60 MPH. The current speed limit is 50 MPH all the way through the canyon.

According to the Post Independent, new technology is being installed that will monitor conditions and set the speed limit accordingly.

There will be 17 new variable speed signs erected, which means there could be plenty of speed fluctuation, depending on weather and traffic conditions.

Theoretically, the speed limit signs and monitoring technology should make traveling through Glenwood Canyon a safer proposition and cutting down on the number of accidents that often shut down the highway - especially during the winter.

Having speed limits set at 60 MPH through most of the canyon makes a lot of sense, since most motorists seem to travel at that rate of speed anyway. However, if motorists don't follow the reduced variable speed limit signs during snowy and icy conditions we could actually see an increase in the number of accidents.

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